The Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation, Inc. organization involved in various socio-civic activities. The FCFDI’s outstanding wisdom, benevolence and its an spirations of the highest quality of life have been constantly lauded and recognized by local and national NGO’s. (FCFDI) is a non-stock and non-profit.

As a premier affiliate of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA), the Foundation has been zealously supporting its various advocacies, programs and projects. The mission-vision of the Foundation will always be in parallel and in tandem with the goals and objectives of PDA.

For almost three decades now, the Foundation has been blazing the trail by exemplifying strong distinguished leadership and dedication in the welfare of our needy countrymen. Dedicated dental practitioners have selflessly devoted their time, talent and resources towards the implementation of the goals and objectives of the Association.

Through their stewardship, the Foundation has gradually transformed itself into a civic organization of important stature. The officers and members of the FCDFI will always have a deep passion for involvement in the public and community services; and recognizes this as part of their lives and professional growth.

The Foundation will continue to translate the generosity, commitment and goodwill within its heart into reliable, efficient and excellent oral health education and dental service to the Filipino Society. These will be the Foundation’s aspiration for the highest quality of life to humanity.


- To promote the advancement of the dental profession in the various fields of human endeavors.

- To advocate dental legislation and education in order to maintain the high standard of dental profession at all levels.

- To achieve closely the provisions of the Regulatory Code of Dental Practice in the Philippines, as provided for by the Profession Regulatory Commission.

- To harmonize the activities with all allied professions in order to work effectively in promoting the well being of the public.

- To carry out a concerted public health education program to the people the importance of good oral hygiene and the concept of the prevention of oral diseases.

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