Braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them to the appropriate place but news broke about fake braces or so called "fashion braces" are a hit in the Philippines. As shocking as it seems there's more to that, Dentists say that wearing such braces could cause damage to your teeth or even worse. Here's a picture of a patient who claimed that he bought those fake braces or so called "fashion braces" online.
Anyone can acquire these so called fashion braces but they are unaware of the risk that they are taking, Braces should be installed properly by a licensed dentist, a licensed dentist spent years of study and practice. This only shows that braces should be installed by a licensed dentist and not yourself or your friend have them installed for you.

In the U.S teens who have braces were called names like Nerd, Geek and looser but in the Philippines if you have braces you're cool and rich. Well those metals are really expensive that not everybody can afford, But still they would do anything just to have those braces cemented on their teeth even though they don't need it and could not afford it. 

Why all the stress in those small pieces of metal anyways? maybe it's because they want to fit in to a society where they want to be in and they think braces is the answer, showing off those braces to their friends and to the people around. But dentists say that if you don't need one don't get one if they insist, it could cause serious dental problems in the future and having to wear fake braces is much worse.

Braces are designed and made to align and straighten teeth and to correct the biting of a person, That is there use and if you think it's fashionable and cool wearing one then it's a plus but I will stress this out don't get it if you don't need it in the first place. It's expensive just invest it in a more useful way but if your dentist recommends you to have one then it's up to you.

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