A student from NJIT who designed and 3D prints his own braces.  He is non other than Amos Dudley a 23 year old student who happens to have a passion in 3D modeling and creating digital architecture.  He was self-conscious about his teeth being crooked in the upper right part. He realized that he was dampening his potential for spontaneous happiness. Without having enough cash, he decided to make use of his skills in 3D modeling with the help of NJIT's facilities he then made 3D prints of his braces it's both innovative and in the same time risky. He indicated in his blog that "what if you had the chance to save money, make yourself happier and stick it to the dental appliance industry, all in one shot?" well I think he did just that, with technologies arising there's no doubt that we may hear a familiar story like this in the near future, but may I remind you it's risky doing stuff like this always seek professional help and guidance to avoid complications.

photo credits: Amos Dudley

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